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Demonstrating principles of ameliorating sub surface pH to improve soil health

Demonstrating principles of ameliorating sub surface pH to improve soil health

  • Author: Northern Agricultural Catchments Council
  • Date Posted: Jun 10, 2015
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Project Details

Project Delivery: Northern Agricultural Catchments Council

Contact: Sally Fenner

Phone: (08) 9938 0125



Start Date: March 2014    End Date: June 2016

Site ID: INNOV-292-01

Size Area Ha: 42 ha  monitored with a  total treatment area of  675 ha



The aim of this project is to improve soil health in the NAR through demonstrating principles to effectively ameliorate sub soil acidity. These sites will assess different lime rates and incorporation methods relative to each other in an attempt to find the best amelioration technique for different soil type/rainfall zone.


This site  was set out in two randomised blocks located west of Binnu on yellow sand plain comparing three rates of lime (0, 2 and 6 t/ha) with six incorporation treatments using a Mouldboard plough, Grizzly Deep Digger, Offset disks, one way plough, deep ripper and control plots with no incorporation.


The measurement of site results has not yet occurred so no outcomes are available at this time. A few observations have been made on-ground, the incorporation of lime by the Grizzly Deep Digger was better than expected although some issues were experienced seeding into plots recently treated with the Grizzly Deep Digger or mouldboard plough.


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