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Manure on Salt Paddocks

Manure on Salt Paddocks

Katanning, Western Australia

  • Author: SWCC
  • Date Posted: Sep 1, 2014
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  • Address: Katanning, Western Australia

Project Details

Project Delivery: Wagin Woodanilling Landcare

Contact: Danielle Short (SWCC- Narrogin). Ph 9881 0202. Email:

Website: SWCC Sustainable Agriculture

Start Date:  June 2014                     End Date: Dec 2017

Site ID:  SF19

Size Are Ha: 39.8


Project Aim

This project hypothesizes that improving soil health through waste product application will improve the amount of cover, the quantity of the feed and overall productivity of otherwise marginal land. Through the application of waste stream compost of cow manure, this trial aims to demonstrate the benefits of differing application rates, the changes to soil health and the flow-on benefits from the practice.


This trial will test if using cow manure incorporated into poor soils will improve soil health and therefore productivity. This trial aims to look, first and foremost, at changes to soil health and the flow-on benefits of increased groundcover, improved pasture production, and the changes to animal production and return on investment based on the practice change of cow feedlot waste.

This practice is currently not widespread due, partially, to product availability for broad acre application, and the cost of product and transportation. This trial will also attempt to ascertain if the costs are relative to the production and soil health benefits.

Cow Manure at varying rates (10 Tonne, 20 Tonne and 30 Tonne) and a sown pasture mix will be tested against a control of no treatment on a salt scalded paddock and a treatment of pasture seed but no manure.

The following will be measured:

  • Soil analysis from CSBP and Landmark Katanning report will be conducted and trial findings will be presented to the community.
  • Percentage  Groundcover
  • Pasture Production – Food on Offer within pasture cages increased.
  • Animal Production and Return on Investment – Anecdotal evidence supplied by farmer.

 November Update:  By virtue of a wet winter and spring, the low lying project site has been continuously water logged since July.   This has unfortunately prevented the truck, loader and spreader from gaining access to the site to conduct on ground works.  Even the trusty Hilux got bogged to the axles! The spreading of manure and seeding of pasture will now be delayed until May 2015.

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