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  • Author: Paul Erkelenz
  • Date Posted: Nov 3, 2014
  • Category:
  • Address: Kimberley region

Project Details

Project delivery by: Rangelands NRM

Contact name: Grey Mackay


Start date: March 2014

End Date: March 2016

Site location: Various sites in the Central and Northern Kimberleys


Project Description

This project aims to understand cattle behavior in relation to prescribed burning of tropical savannah grassland pastures. Through improved understanding of how cattle interact with the environment, in particular how they utilize burnt versus unburnt areas, this project aims to encourage the adoption of more sustainable grazing practices which maximize productivity and minimize negative environmental impacts (e.g. catastrophic wildfire and erosion). The objective is to demonstrate to pastoralists that appropriate fire management processes have a positive impact on cattle production, thereby encouraging take up of design and implementation of fire management plans.

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