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  • Author: Paul Erkelenz
  • Date Posted: Nov 3, 2014
  • Category:
  • Address: De Grey catchment, north of Marble Bar

Project Details

Project delivered by: De Grey LCDC

Contact name: Mary-Anne Clunies- Ross


Start Date: April 2014

End Date: December 2014

Site Location: Three sites in the mid – upper De Grey river catchment


Project Description

Three members of the DeGrey LCDC have set up their own demonstrations of Rangelands Rehydration works. This builds on the Rangelands NRM sponsoredĀ field days with Peter Andrews in 2012. A Catchment Function Analysis of the sub catchment has been carried out at each site, to map how the catchment should function and where natural water flows have been disrupted or compromised. Based on this, on ground works such as ponding banks, eco-rolls, brush fences etc. will be designed and targeted to restore natural water functions by slowing and spreading water at critical parts of the sub catchment. This will result in the rehydration and regeneration of natural flood plains.

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