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Fertiliser response in mid-rotation sandalwood plantations

Fertiliser response in mid-rotation sandalwood plantations

  • Author: Wheatbelt NRM
  • Date Posted: Dec 22, 2016
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Project Details

Project Delivery: Wheatbelt NRM, WA Sandalwood Plantations

Contact: Jo Wheeler

Ph: 9670 3100


 Website: Wheatbelt NRM Website

Start Date: 2016                       End Date: 2017

Site ID: SA01051SA1

Area (Ha): 201 ha (site 1) and 57 ha (site 2)


Project Aim

Evaluate the response of mid rotation sandalwood to fertiliser treatments.

The trial aims to show:

  • The growth rate response of sandalwood trees to the addition of fertilizer
  • The heartwood development of sandalwood trees after fertilisers added

These data will be used to develop recommendations for fertiliser use in sandalwood systems


Project Description

The trial will use 2 different fertiliser treatments over 3 different soil types and measure the response in sandalwood growth.

The objective of this study is to investigate the response of mid-rotation (i.e. age 7 to 8 years old) Australian Sandalwood plantations to two fertiliser treatments (NPK and NPK+trace elements) on three representative soil types (deep sand, sandy duplex and loamy duplex) to determine the potential for fertiliser application on:

  • Tree growth response (biomass accumulation) – based on stem diameter measurements; and
  • Heartwood development – to be measured by destructive tree sampling.


Project Outputs

Project outputs will be added once the trial has been completed.

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