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Pasture in Cropping Rotation

Pasture in Cropping Rotation

Nyabing, Western Australia

  • Author: SWCC
  • Date Posted: Aug 28, 2014
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  • Address: Nyabing, Western Australia

Project Details

Project Delivery: Individual Landholder

Contact: Danielle Short (Narrogin). Ph 9881 0202. Email:

Website: SWCC Sustainable Agriculture

Start Date:  June 2014                     End Date: Dec 2017

Site ID:  SH1

Size Are Ha: 22.5


Project Aim

A farm scale trial will be undertaken over 4 years to gain an understanding of the soil constraints (in particular soil pH and soil biology) under a barley/canola/wheat rotation as compared to a barley/pasture/wheat rotation, with and without lime.


This project will set up one trial site with 3 replicated pasture treatments (un-grazed), and 3 control treatments (canola) 3 seeder widths wide (6 x 30m) for the length of the paddock (1250m). The trial site will be 22.5 ha.   Lime will be applied in year 1 and year 4 at 2t/ha and 0t/ha as a multi factorial trial. Fertiliser will be applied as per grower practice for each respective crop which will alter the Phosphorous levels due to crop type. However this is required for the application of the rotation to every day practice.

The expected outcome is that pasture may improve soil biology and have a positive effect on subsequent wheat and barley crops. It is anticipated that the application of lime will raise the top soil 0-10cm and sub soil 10-30cm pH, and that a less acidic soil will be beneficial to the soil biology and in particular provide a disease break to root diseases like P. neglectus.

Baseline data collected in year 1 will include radiometric mapping of the trial area, comprehensive soil analysis (0-10cm) and pH, EC and Aluminium to depth (10-30cm), soil microbial biomass Carbon, as well as disease analysis for rhizoctonia and nematodes.

Plant counts, yield mapping, soil pH to depth, soil microbial biomass Carbon and disease analysis will be measured each year, with moisture cores sampled after the pasture rotation. Radiometric mapping and comprehensive soil analysis (0-10cm) will be repeated at the end of the trial.

Where possible the trial will engage with UWA’s MicroBlitz project and use the results to support data collected.


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