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Improving soil biology in the Torbay Catchment

Improving soil biology in the Torbay Catchment

Torbay, Western Australia

  • Author: Penni
  • Date Posted: Sep 24, 2014
  • Category:
  • Address: Torbay, Western Australia

Project Details

Project Delivery: Torbay Catchment Group

Contact: Kathi McDonald or Penni Hewett

Email: or

Website:  South Coast NRM Land theme

Start Date:  October 2013                End Date:  June 2015

Site Location: Three sites around the Torbay catchment area

Site ID: C211

Project Aim:

The project aims to improve soil health through improved soil biology and nutrient matching strategies.  Three trial sites have been established in the Torbay area to test a range of commercially beneficial soil microbes and assess their ability to increase organic soil carbon, water holding capacity and increase nutrient availability in soil where pasture is grown.  It is hoped that improved soil biology will lead to improved pasture growth and will reduce the need for increased fertiliser applications, this in turn will aid in reducing nutrient leaching in to the Torbay Inlet.

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