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Integrated grazing and cropping systems to soil type

Integrated grazing and cropping systems to soil type

  • Author: Wheatbelt NRM
  • Date Posted: Dec 2, 2015
  • Category:
  • Address: Bruce Rock, WA

Project Details

Project Delivery: Wheatbelt NRM, Individual Land Holder

Contact: Fiona Brayshaw

Ph: 96703110


Website: Wheatbelt NRM Website

Start Date: 2014                        End Date: 2017

Site ID:  SA00359SA1

Area (Ha): 65


Project Aim

Achieve a productive, holistic grazing – cropping system based on soil types within a paddock.


Project Description

Salinity, poor soil structure and poor organic matter have been identified as major limiting factors in the paddock to the point where cropping or pasture management have not been highly productive (cropped two years in 10, and unrennovated pasture). The paddock has been used for sheep grazing of winter weeds and native bluebush with minimal intervention. Establishment of Old Man Saltbush (A. nummularia) has had good grazing success in paddocks close by on the property and this trial aims to extend the use of native perennial forage shrubs and annual legume pastures into this paddock in a holistic approach based on soil types.


The purpose of the trial is to use EM-38 and soil profile analysis to determine the soil types and constraints across the paddock, and use this information to plant and establish appropriate shrub and legume pasture species which can be grazed in the establishment year and cropped in subsequent years.


Project Outputs

Project outputs will be added once the trial has been completed.





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