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Managing non-wetting soils in the Cranbrook area

Managing non-wetting soils in the Cranbrook area

Cranbrook, Western Australia

  • Author: Penni
  • Date Posted: Sep 24, 2014
  • Category:
  • Address: Cranbrook, Western Australia

Project Details

Project Delivery: Gillamii Centre

Contact: Kathi McDonald or Penni Hewett

Email: or

Website:  South Coast NRM Land theme

Start Date:  October 2013                End Date:  June 2015

Site Location: Cranbrook

Site ID: C206b

Project Aim:

This trial is one of two that have been set up to examine a range of management options for non-wetting soils, including banded wetters, claying and soil inversion techniques.  This site is established on a sandy soil.  The trial is a replicated randomised block design with 3 replicates of each treatment.  The aim is to determine the most effective approach of addressing non-wetting soils to enhance crop growth, carbon sequestration and reduce run-off.  In subsequent years, paddock scale strip trials will demonstrate the most effective treatments from the small scale trial to landholders.

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