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Maximising forage potential within a sandalwood plantation

Maximising forage potential within a sandalwood plantation

Project Details

Project Delivery: Wheatbelt NRM, Individual Landholder

Contact: Jo Wheeler

Ph: 9670 3100


 Website: Wheatbelt NRM Website

Start Date: 2014                       End Date: 2017

Site ID: SA00014A1

Area (Ha): 32.9 ha


Project Aim

This project aims to demonstrate that forage shrubs, that have been focal species in the CSIRO Enrich project, can be incorporated into productive and multi-function sandalwood plantations.


Project Description

This site will consist of a selection legume and non legume hosts that will be cultivated to achieve grazing and sandalwood silviculture objectives.

Novel systems that contain Enrich fodder shrubs will be bench marked against standard industry practice (ie small plots of monoculture hosts, biodiverse legume hosts established within the main plot) .

The main plot will contain both high and low density fodder shrub areas for future comparison.


Project Outputs

Project outputs will be added once the trial has been completed.

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