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Perennial Pasture Innovations in the Midwest

Perennial Pasture Innovations in the Midwest

  • Author: Northern Agricultural Catchments Council
  • Date Posted: Feb 11, 2015
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Project Details

Project Delivery: Landholder

Contact: Jim Wedge

Phone: (08) 99366366


Supporting Organisation: Northern Agricultural Catchments Council


Start Date: October 2014    End Date: June 2015

Site ID: 1512-05-01

Size Are Ha: 50


Project Aim

This site will demonstrate the establishment of a new perennial pasture stand with the aid of soil wetter, it will also trial two different methods of rejuvenating existing low density stands of perennial grass through the use of knockdown sprays and zero till seeding.



This demonstration will consist of three treatments all treatments will include the application of soil wetter to boost the water holding capacity of the soil.

Treatment 1: Will take place with no existing perennial species, preparation includes knockdown spray to remove volunteer annual weeds to reduce competition and then seeded using subtropical and temperate grass species using a modified disk seeder. Fertilizer will be applied through an innovative liquid injection system attached to the seeding machine which will be used for all treatments.

Treatment 2: Will take place in an existing perennial stand, site preparation begins with a knockdown spray to subdue existing perennial grasses. The site will be seeded with perennials using a zero till seeder to minimise damage to the existing grasses which is based on pasture cropping technology.

Treatment 3: Will also take place in an existing perennial stand that has been treated with a knockdown spray to subdue existing perennial grasses. The site will then be left to regenerate naturally, the objective of this is to;

  1. Identify if successful regeneration will occur naturally.
  2. To see if the naturally germinated plants survive beyond seedling stage.


This project is being delivered by Jim Wedge and is supported by Northern Agricultural Catchments Council through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.

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