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Soil health improvements in established perennial forage sites.

Soil health improvements in established perennial forage sites.

  • Author: Wheatbelt NRM
  • Date Posted: Nov 27, 2015
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Project Details

Project Delivery: Wheatbelt NRM, Individual Land holder, Curtin University & Greening Australia

Contact: Fiona Brayshaw

Ph: 96703110


Website: Wheatbelt NRM Website

Start Date: 2014                        End Date: 2017

Site ID: SA00344SA1

Area (Ha): 0.7ha


Project Aim

To identify and quantify the soil health benefits of stabilising degraded land on established mixed forage perennial shrub sites through comparison of planted and non-planted sites at each location and comparisons of site age between locations. Also attempt to identify the time after planting that soil benefits will be realised and analyse the micro climate in and around shrubs for correlations between soil health, plant cover, and plant diversity.


Project Description

Mixed forage shrubs successfully established on farms between 1991 and 2013 will be analysed to determine the impacts of the plantings on soil health, micro climate modification and management options. Measurements will include soil salinity, moisture, temperature, pH, organic carbon, microbial biomass and nutrients; ground cover, plant species composition and estimated feed value. With this information it is anticipated that land owners will be able to better integrate the plantings into their whole farming systems.


Project Outputs

Project outputs will be added once the trial has been completed.






  1. We have plantings of saltbush along with drainage banks that have saved this farm and may be of interest.We are looking at discing access alleys to apply gypsum and pasture .

    • Fantastic Geoff, Wheatbelt NRM will contact you directly to find out more.

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