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  • Author: Paul Erkelenz
  • Date Posted: Nov 3, 2014
  • Category:
  • Address: Upper Gascoyne and Lyons River catchments

Project Details

Project Delivery by: Upper Gascoyne LCDC

Contact name: Jason Hastie


Start Date: March 2014

End Date: June 2015

Site Location: A number of sites in the Upper Gascoyne and Lyons River catchments, between Gascoyne Junction and Mt. Augustus


Project Description

Small erosion nicks in the rangelands landscape can quickly form into head cuts or large erosion gullies that drain water and affect the land’s biodiversity and productivity. The numerous small erosion nicks and gullies encountered on a station need to be dealt with quickly to stop them from growing. A potential solution is the use of coir logs. Coir logs are made from coconut fibres, formed into logs. They are flexible, so will conform to uneven ground and can be easily secured in place with stakes. A quantity of Coir Log has been purchased and supplied to a number of stations in the region. Over the course of several weeks, these logs have been installed and photos taken of the installation. After rain events, monitoring photos and notes will be taken.

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